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Setting the goal for web site design
SEO - Search Engine Optimization
Content - Create text and images to optimize your web site
Links - Connecting your web site to the internet
The Rest - Hosting,Submission, affiliates, etc
. Costs

The first three steps are concurrent, not sequential. The fourth is done last, but is required before you will see significant results. Understand that search engines update infrequently, and at irregular intervals. On the first update they will find most of your pages. Especially if they have been submitted. On the second update they will credit you with most of your incoming links. On the third update you will likely see your hard work pay off. Sadly, this usually takes months.

So how do you get this difficult job done, Two ways.

  1. Do it yourself. You, or someone knowledgeable in your organization can do the job. Its not magic, but it is difficult. Do hire a consultant such as me, to help. A few minutes on the telephone can save you days of aggravation,or worse, failure.

  2. Hire an expert. naturally, I am offering that service.

Why hire LarrysArt - You are here. You have read all of this. That wasn't magic. you found me because I built the web page which did the job. I can do the same for you.

Hello Larry,
Please contact me, I am interested.

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