Search engine optimization.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Search engines, Goggle, Yahoo & MSN, get to decide who makes money and who does not. They all work automatically. Their "algorithm" is an enormously complicated and secret method of scoring sites. The "algo" controls who ranks first and who ranks not at all. The top ten get 80% of all the business.

Search engines assign a value to each of your pages relative to all of your competitors pages. If your score is the best, yours will be listed first. If your score is low, your page will be buried. Success begins with a high score.

Almost all first time traffic comes from those three search engines. So, before your customer ever gets to look at your page, they will read it. If it is not among the top scorers, your page will be buried under a mountain of your competitors’ web sites. It will be invisible. and invisibility is failure.

Trying to impose SEO on an existing site is a huge task, made difficult by pre-existing content which ill often work against the goal. SEO must be part of the planning from the very beginning.

Talking to search engines is important. Screaming at them is better. That is the art and science of search engine optimization.

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