The why and how of "links"


Modern search engines value the incoming links to a site. That becomes a measure of the "popularity" of that site. Popularity is a major part of you sites "score".

Webmasters know this and are usually willing to "trade links" They want a well placed link on one or more of your pages, and they will return in kind.

The trade is complicated. Any outbound link counts against a page, just as an inbound counts towards it. The value of the link depends on the Page Rank (a Goggle numerical value, which can be looked up) of the sending page. It also depends on the number of other links on that page.

Every webmaster want to get the best deal they can on the trade, so it takes negotiation.

Valuable links can also be bought. There is a thriving market for them.

The "anchor text" ( words on which you click, often blue and underlined ) is of the greatest importance.  A link with your keywords in the anchor text is dynamite. So we need to match the inbound link to the keywords of the page.

Some links serve another important function. Links can send you business, as well as "popularity". Directories, both free and paid abound on the web, and their links provide a double benefit, customers and score. There are even arrangements whereby commissions are paid to the "referring" site.

Checking that the links you bought or traded for remain in place is critical. Sadly many webmaster try to cheat. Checking is the final item. It is ongoing.  I own a program which does it automatically. It also complains almost automatically and checks to see that webmasters have responded to the complaint.

Link maintenance is ongoing, although not very time consuming for the average site.

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