Setting the goals for the web site design
Setting the goal.   Your site should be a selling machine.  There are a three well defined steps to achieving that goal.
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization
    The most important aspect of creating the selling machine, is getting the customers to your site. The primary way that happens is if the search engines send them there. Your first goal is to have your site well ranked by all major search engines.
  • Content - Create text and images to optimize your web site
    Every single word that your customer sees, a search engine sees first. Every word must work for both engine and customer. One he arrives, you have you have just a few seconds to convince your customer to consider buying from you.
  • Links - Connecting your web site to the internet
    Every link pointing to your site is a free source of customers. Furthermore, some search engines (Goggle included) use incoming link numbers to determine your placement on their results pages. The link campaign is critically important.

Costs - What  will it cost.
That's a really hard question. It will cost a lot more to make a competitive site than a non-competitive one. Working on an automotive aftermarket site would be very expensive. Selling chain mail suits of armor would be a snap.


Why hire Larry Weiss to design your site?

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