Content - Everything on a web page.


Here is some good news:     Simple, inexpensive sites sell better than big expensive ones. Moving or blinking images distract or drive people away.  Usually the simplest sites are the most effective sites.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Pictures are paramount in the selling of your product; but pictures have problems. Search engines cannot read them. They can frustrate customers if they load too slowly.

Pictures are easily handled. I use a program called Photoshop. I start with ordinary digital camera images. Photoshop easily makes them sharp and beautiful. After that it resizes and compresses them. Done right any picture can be made to load in just a few seconds on dial up.  ( Cable/DSL is almost instantaneous ).

I love working with images. As an artist I take pride in making them little artistic gems. This pays off because eyes will linger a little longer if they like what they see.

Once the pictures are done, we move on to text. A finely tuned balance between pictures and text is imperative. It can also be cheap and effective.

Text is where the main part of search engine optimization is done. We ( you and I together) will be writing every word to both search engines and humans. We will make a separate page for every important keyword(s). These "landing” pages, will be similar but will scream their keyword at the search engines. When the customer enters she will perceive that page as the home page. A menu will then guide her where she wants to go.

Content also includes invisible items like title, description, keywords. Content is a huge collection of factors, such as the little text boxes which appear when you hold your mouse over certain pictures and icons. ( Goggle reads them, and adds that text into your score.)

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