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The ideal device for applying “MASK KING” watercolor masking fluid.

Starting off

  • Unscrew the cap & replace it with the “quill”, (Mask-King tip).

  • Use the pen like a marker. For thick lines stroke with the broad side, for thin ones stroke with the narrow.

Lay down a ribbon of fluid.

  • Hold the pen like a pencil.

  • Touch the nib (writing end of the pen) to the paper. Squeeze the bottle until you have a “BANK” (glob of wet masking fluid), behind the nib. (See picture)


  • Some evaporation may occur through the quill. For storage of more than a week, replace the bottle cap.

  • Wipe out any masking fluid that may have congealed inside the cap

  • The easiest way to clean the quill is just to put it away wet, and leave it until next time

  • Once the masking fluid is fully dried it’s a snap to remove it.

Cleaning the quill with the probe.

  • We include a probe with the pen. If you lose it, you can order a new one from the web-site.

  • Use the hook part of the probe to grab and pull out the hardened mask from the inside of the quill.

  • If that did not clear the nib channel, push the probe into it from the outside. The hook will grab the hardened mask and pull it out.

  • Don't worry about damaging the quill with the probe. The quill is made of a hard, yet very flexible plastic.

We hope that with a little experience you will love this pen.

  • The Mask King Quill fits both 1 and 2 ounce bottles.

  • Refills are available at your dealer, or,

  • The web-site offers additional instructions, and an updated copy of this sheet.

  • The Mask King Pen is Patent Pending.


  • 1 each: bottle, cap, quill, overcap and probe.

  • All assemble into one unit for storage.

Thank you for purchasing my pen. I have worked hard to make a really good product and would appreciate your comments. There is a feedback form on my web-site, or e-mail me using

. Regards & Keep painting,

Larry Weiss

  • As long as you have a bank, the pen cannot skip a spot.

  • PULL the pen across the paper. Pushing it will scrape the liquid off. Maintain the bank with gentle pressure on the bottle.

  • You can overlap the lines of masking fluid as long as they are wet. Once they begin to congeal it’s difficult to blend with the next line. If this becomes a problem, dry the mask before continuing. A hair dryer works very well to speed things up.

  • Sometimes the channel leading to the nib gets clogged. We include a “probe”. Push it into the channel, and pull out the clog. For more information on cleaning with the probe skip to the section, “cleaning the quill with the probe”.

  • For thin lines hold the marker the narrow way. Don’t concern yourself about a bank. The pen is very forgiving when making thin lines.

  • For precision lines, start the stroke on a piece of scrap paper. Put the scrap paper on the painting in order to mask the area before the line begins.

  • You can follow a ruler or other guide, as long as the ruler is well raised above the paper


Problems; suggestions

Updated 5/14//11

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