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Sinai Reformed Temple in Bayshore is currently forming a Class.

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This was what was written about my recent "Demo" at the Surban Art League.

LARRY WEISS demonstrated a watercolor. His aim was to paint fish showing his
unusual technique. He started with 140 lb. cold press Waterford paper about 15" x 22".

First he sketched 3 shapes, which he pointed out were "paisleys", one dominant and two subdominant. Then turning the paper over for the actual painting, he wet the whole down very thoroughly, using a two-inch brush, with blue, green and yellow ochre washes. He worked upon a large sheet of plexiglass because of the wetness.

He then used the edge of a brush to remove or "lift" the pigment to reveal the shapes
of the fishes. Orange, red and black were then added to increase the definition. A hair dryer was used to prepare for the final details. A clever home-made stencil was used to lift the fish scales with a sponge , a very realistic touch.

Larry peppered his talk with amusing anecdotes and proverbs from the history of art. His charm and engaging style made for a delightful evening indeed.



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