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How To Be A Smart Art Collector

Most folks buy prints, often in museum stores, then have them framed.   I suggest you buy original art from the artists themselves. You can often save some money in the process.

They are called starving artists for a reason. It's hard to sell paintings. Think about Van Gogh. He and his friend Paul Gauguin died broke. Most artists, even gallery artists create a lot more than they sell. They even make more than they can give away to friends and family. Most painters wind up with an attic full of their own art.

The trick is in the frames.  Some artists, me included, get their frames really cheap. I have a deal with the local frame shops for their overruns and mistakes. The only problem for me is that I have to paint to the sizes of the available frames.  Big deal.  The huge advantage is that i get my frames almost free. I can sell my paintings at a small profit, and still sell them for less than a custom framed print.

The best part is that my customers can afford to have high quality original art.

Is it a good investment?  Of course, because its still original art. It will be fresh and new in a hundred years. Long after prints are faded and gone. You even have a chance of my paintings becoming extremely valuable.

There is a prestige factor. Nobody is impressed with your good taste in prints. Original art is always a more impressive wall decoration.

How do I select a painting to buy?   There are just a few factors.

  • Do you like it?
  • Does the color scheme fit where its going to hang? ( Forget what you heard about this, it's just plain silly. )
  • Is the size right for where its going to hang?
  • Is it within your budget?
  • Can you exchange it if you don't like it?

Are you interested, here is a link to my pre framed paintings , or check my galleries . If you are interested in any of my unframed paintings, send me a note. I probably have several frames that will fit, and can e-mail you a picture of the framed painting, ( It's no bother ).

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