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Monroe, NC

Thank you so much. I have been looking for instruction for watercolors. You site is just perfect. Thank you so much. I look for to spending some time on your site.

Trina Braswell

Boise City, OK

I ran across you web sight this morning. You have the most interesting articles on color I have red in a while. I would like you to send me the tester, to determine what I think I see.

I would like your permission to make copies of these articles for my own use. We have just finished a sewing and painting studio in my back yard. I hope to do quilting and painting, and I do not have a computer out there. The color wheel and the spectrum would be very helpful in color selection. Once again this information would be for my own use.

Thank you, Elaine Spry

Quebec, Canada

Hi, I just enjoy your website. I had read, read...It help!!! I enjoy all information, (color...superb).I'll come back!

Michele Trepanier

PS:excuse my english-I am french speaking.

Galway, Ireland

Just went through your Free Art Lessons. Learned a lot!!  Very good and clear explanations. Will re-read again and again!! Thank you so much. Heather.

Heather Gardiner


Thank you

Omnia ElSonbaty

Moorefield, WV

Your site is marvelous, the directions better than any book I've purchased. I'm impressed with your interpertation of color; you have been a great help to me!! Thanks!

Pat Lang

Windsor, VT

This beginner said,YES, this is exactly what I have been after! My feet feel on the ground now and believe I can begin taking real steps. That right info, crystal clear,and and in the perfect amount! Just wonderful-I thank you so very much.

Gael Wolfskill

Hyderabad ,India

A astonishingly simple. can never forget this lesson. It has actually cleared a lot of confusing theory on clor basics. Thanks a ton

PV Sekhar

Norco, CA

Thanks for the easy to understand information and tips. I'm just starting out and needed the basic information you provide. Your beautiful art is also such an encouragement.

Phyllis Lussier

Dumont, n.j.

i have painted with acrylics most of my life (i'm 53 years young), dabbled in oils, pastels etc., but i have a new fascination with watercolors. i need all the help i can get as the properties of the medium are so different from what i am used to using...i am hooked on watercolor painting now,  almost to obsession...i love it... your website has enlightened me more than any other sites i have found on the internet...the information you share is priceless and i want to thank you...wish i lived closer to the island because i would love to join your classes...i live in bergen county n.j. and you know the traffic situation over the two bridges...if you ever have classes in my area please let me know...thank you again for loving what you do- you have a real gift... andrea


Thank you for your information. I'm a beginner and anything is helpful. I liked the way you described sketching and painting and not taking too much time and also putting it away for 24 or more hours. That is perfect. All tips from others are blessings. Take care

I teach pastels to seniors and found your concepts and language easy to interpret. Thanks for good, practical help.

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